March 17, 2005

Web spoor


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So this morning I stubbed my toe -- in New York City! It was just like 9/11.

If George Lucas is setting us up for another fall, I'm gonna fuckin' strangle him, but damn if that trailer doesn't look hot. And even if it's not, there's always 5-25-77 to look forward to. Hey, Patrick Read Johnson! I'm hyping your movie. Can I have the secret trailer link too? Pleeease?

Update: Jake points out that it was not hard to guess that URL. But were we supposed to be able to guess, for buzz purposes, or was this just indie sloppiness? Does it matter? I'm so doing a double feature. Update: Johnson dropped me a very friendly e-mail informing me that, no, they really don't want a lot of people to see the trailer until they can put one together that does justice to the film. So I've removed the link. And when the real thing is up, you can be sure I'll have it.

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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