March 17, 2005

So, is there any news on any fronts at all?

Sorry for the radio silence recently. Here's the sitch: After three years as a contributing editor at The Week, I'm moving on to a similar part time gig at Radar, which is relaunching in May. In addition to writing and editing for the magazine, I'll be doing a weekly column for the Radar web site (not yet up and running). I think it'll be a lot of fun, and once I've settled in, it will give me more flexibility for freelancing than The Week did, so maybe I can crack those other sections of The New Yorker now.

In the meantime, though, it's running me ragged, so blogging will be sparse for a few weeks. Don't forget about me, though, and I won't forget about you.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Great news and congrats!! It will be great to have you doing a weekly column. Your a great writer and deserve that column too. Just don't get too mainstream on us... lol

Good news, and now that you mention it about the New Yorker, why the hell aren't they having you write some of the Shouts & Murmurs? Are they afraid of having one that's actually funny?

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