March 10, 2005

By the way, is there any news on the Huckapoo front?


If you're like me, you often find yourself thinking, How can I attend a Huckapoo performance while also showing my respect for the men and women of America's armed services? Well, you had your chance on February 25th when the Huckapets strutted their stuff on board the USS Intrepid. Our girls shared the bill with the Evil False Angel who is neither as talented nor as hott as the One True Angel, and yet who is inexplicably more famous. Is there no justice on this Earth?

What does one wear when entertaining 6 year olds on an aircraft carrier? From what I can tell Joey, Angel, and Twiggy look fine as always, while Groovy is for some reason hiding her figure under a combination gunnysack/shower curtain (remember, Groove: the hippie thing is just a style statement, you don't actually have to dress as badly as they did), and PJ is sporting a most unfortunate hat. However, PJ is also wearing a shirt proclaiming herself a member of the pink mafia, to which I can only say, I'm proud of you, kid. You're never too young to be a role model.

Oh, yeah, the picture above is not from the Intrepid show. It's from a more recent concert (more on that soon; much more) and I swiped it from Lisa at Punk Princess, a Joey Thunders fan site. Yes, there are now fan sites for the individual Huckstas. (No doubt Lisa will be pissed at me for cropping the tag out of her picture, but it's not my fault she framed the shot terribly. If it helps, I will encourage everyone to visit her fabulous site for more pics)

Speaking of fabulous sites, my bitter rivals fellow warriors for the glory of Huckapoo at Harmony have been giving Radosh.net a serious run for the title of all time bestest Hucakfan site. (The relative merits of Harmony vs. Radosh.net are discussed with crystal clarity in the comments of my last post). Damn, Harmony even found an Groovy Tuesday profile I hadn't seen before, though no pics of either her parents' house or her butt (or her parents' butts). They've also got video clips now and a new "Ask Huckapoo" feature, which I just KNOW everyone here will want to take advantage of. (Feel free to crosspost your questions here, just in case Harmony doesn't accept them).

Oh yeah -- a belated happy birthday to Harmony co-editrix Alexa, who at 16 is now waaaay to old to be obsessed with Huckapoo.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Lol well, thanks for the birthday thing. I know, way too old, right? ;) We have a huge list of questions to ask the girls, which I hope to do soon. Also, I have SO many more video clips, pictures and other shit to add. Fun!! :D

If Alexa is "waaaay to old to be obsessed with Huckapoo," I can't be the only one wondering what that says about you.

And I can't be the only one wondering if Matt is seeing anyone about getting his irony impairment treated.

No, Francis, you're not.

I can't be the only one wondering if Vance is seeing anyone about getting his rhetorical question impairment treated.

Personally, I'm reading Matt's post as meta-ironic, so perhaps it's F & V who need the treatments...

Indeed my posting was intended as meta-irony. I fully recognized that Dan was being ironic/sarcastic (and as someone who's posted about Hucka-stuff myself who is well older than 16) and was attempting to humorously comment on the same. It seems my success was less than complete.

I find your comments quite amusing Mr. Radish, er, Radosh. Keep spreading the Huckalove with the clever Huckaironines and such...makes for a great reading experience.

In my most humble opinion, Harmony will remain the definitive Huckafansite for a myriad of reasons, one of the most compelling of which being that you're way too old and of the wrong gender (and perhaps species, genus, family, order, class, phylum, and kingdom, if you be a radish and all) to be a Huckafanatic, sorry to say.

But, I've got a monopoly on the ultimate Valli Girls site :p.

- Mina

The wrong phylum? What kind of comment is that? I'm a fungus, and there are lots of us--molds, lichen, cyanotic bacteria--that just LOVE us some Huckabee. And you'd like us if only you got to know us! Fungi = FUN GUY.

I can't be the only one wondering how Daniel missed the obvious meta-meta-irony of my joining Francis in an ironic rhetorical question about Matt's meta-irony.

Oh, wait, maybe I can.

Well, I think Radosh is too old to be competing with a a 16-year-old and 17-year-old... NYA! ^.~ And by the way, their site has a better layout, and that's all that matters ^-^

Evil False Angel XD I've wanted to kick her since 2002-ish ^-^ Damn, wish I was at that concert!

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