March 9, 2005

Syria? More like Skankia!


The battle of the foxy demonstrators heats up as pro-Syrian Lebanese try to counter the hotties of democracy with the slutty tramp of oppression. Hey, some people dig that look.

Anyway, now we know what Courtney Love has been up to.

(Thanks, Jim)

Update: For perhaps the first time ever, I'm going to agree with Glenn Reynolds, who notes that "as means of political competition in the Mideast go" the hot babe battle is "better than truck bombs." Also, people are noticing that other than the girl, the crowd is exclusively male, because the rally is supposed to be men only. Hey, wait a second: is that lady a dude? I had no idea Hezbollah was so progressive.

Update: Otty has a whole series of Lebababes (NSFW -- not the pictures themselves, unfortunately, but other stuff on Otty's site). He's even spotted two decent looking chicks in a Kuwaiti protest. Freedom is on the march!

Posted by Daniel Radosh


It's the Lebanese Ashlee Simpson!

I disagree -- Ashlee is way cuter. But then again, maybe it's time for me to really accept that I'm the only person who thinks Ashlee is cute. Talentless, yes. But cute.

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