March 8, 2005

Cast of Shadows: You're all winners in my eyes

Announcing the results of the final Cast of Shadows contest. Congratulations to all 15 people who have won copies of Kevin's book over the past month. For everyone else, you may just have to buy a copy. The reviews are starting to come in and so far they're all quite good — but, help! Is CoS "a cautionary tale about scientific hubris" or "not about...the overreach of science. Confusing!

Anyway, the winning captions are...

(click each image to enlarge)


"Sister, as a nun you can expect to see evidence of God's miracles every— Jesus fucking Christ it's a giant walking penis!" — Alex Gordon

(Honorable mention for least expected response goes to Tim Carvell, who will also be duly rewarded later on this list: As his craft drifted toward the gutter, Icarus -- having reincarnated himself as the tiny captain of a paper sailboat -- realized with horror that his death would, yet again, be relegated to the corner of a much larger (and, in this case, far less skillful)work of art.)


The Iraqi insurgency has released a hostage video of the recently kidnapped Huckapoo fanclub. —Charles Star


It received a lovely thank you for finally putting the lotion in the basket. –Gadi Harel


In this moment and in many others, Frank wondered whether his career really could have been even worse had he not pressured Jean into the abortion. —Alex Frankel


Slim found the old man's fastidious ways a bit quaint, but he was in no mood to argue, so he simply thanked the man for fetching his horse's dropping and promised to dispose of it later. — Tim Carvell

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