March 5, 2005

It's not much weirder than other stuff he's said

My copy of last week's New Yorker was misprinted — several pages were missing while others repeated. As a result, the middle of Ken Auletta's profile of Dan Rather ran headlong into the middle Umberto Eco's short story, which is how I found myself reading the following sentence:

"He read from a teleprompter a series of promotional spots that he personalizes for various local stations — 'Back to you, Wayne and Mary Mamelukes or Kalmyks or Mongols or whatever, who were with the S.S. up until yesterday.'"

Posted by Daniel Radosh


If that hadn't been your headline, it would have been my comment.

My favorite Ratherism: Hotter than a Khazar at a Cossack picnic.

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