March 2, 2005

Well, saves me the trouble of doing a lame photoshopping job

I was so going to do the 2 Million Dollar Baby joke today.

In my version, the plot involves Clint's agonizing moral decision of whether or not to reanimate Hillary Swank, Frankenstein style. Once he does, she's an unstoppable, undead killing machine. I was gonna put little bolts through her neck on the poster.

Curse you Low Culture and your speedy hackwork.

Perhaps there's still room for my proposed TV version, a Fugitive-style drama in which a determined Clint travels from town to town looking for new cripples to kill off.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


2 Million Dollar Baby is a hilarious idea! It was even funnier when I came up with it!

Well, after next week, you'll have to come up with your own material.


I am so busted. Well, I had the idea for a sequel (and the TV spinoff) but Jon did come up with the reanimation stuff. I meant to credit him, but, you know, forgot.

hahaha. your blog is awesome, plus I loved your article on msn about the 10 worst, and best romance/dating stuff.

Hi, I saw your article on MSN about dating and thought I'd check out your blog! Pretty nifty! I have a livejournal @ www.livejournal.com/users/kyoko_godai

saw your MSN list and wanted to check out your blog. Its hilarious...you rock!

Hi, Daniel. I'm a first time caller/long timne listener...

(What MSN list?)

Yeah, great site, radish. Makes one wonder where all the other content comes from. The MSN--from Maer Roshan perhaps?! Did you introduce the world to Huckapoo--after Sasha Freer Jones told you about them?!

It's all so suspect now. The whole world is a lie!

For the record, I've never even heard of MSN. Isn't that something they put in Chinese food. And as it happens, the only conversation I've ever had with SF/J *was* about Huckapoo. But I did all the talking and he did all the looking at me like I was insane.

Meanwhile, I like to think of myself as not so much STEALING jackson's jokes as PRESERVING them for posterity. I mean, you can mouth off around the office all you want, but unless someone like me blogs them, those jokes will just die off when you do. Which could be... any. day. now.

And he totally stole the idea of using Movable Type from Gutenberg.

but unless someone like me blogs them, those jokes will just die off when you do.

See, again, I think the mistake a lot of those people are making is that they are blogging their jokes, but no one else can see them because their blogs are not Internet blogs.

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