March 1, 2005

Cast of Shadows: The Final Contest

The hypocritical clubbiness comes to an end today, as Cast of Shadows officially hits bookstores. From now on you can follow CoS news (that's Cast of Shadows, not Church of Scientology), including Kevin's readings schedule, on the official site. [As always, start here if you're new to the rabidly unethical promotion of a friend's novel that is CoS @ radosh.net. And while I'm on the subject, Francis is doing some readings/performances in support of the Holy Tango.]

Kevin's still judging Contest #6, but in the meantime, here's your last chance to win a free (if no longer advance) copy of the book.

CONTEST #7: Caption it again!

Once again, I'll select the funniest caption for each of these pictures found on a Google Image search for "shadows" (click them to enlarge). That's five chances to win. Submit your entries here. Contest ends Friday March 4th at 3 pm ET.

1. shadows-1.jpg

2. shadows-2.jpg

3. shadows-3.jpg

4. shadows-of-the-spirit-trio.jpg

5. shadows.gif

Oh yeah, that scavenger hunt thing I talked about. It's cancelled because I figured out that no one is gonna put in that much work to win a failed throwaway thriller. Photo captions, however. That's easy.

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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