February 25, 2005

Will the real Huckapoo please stand up?

What is this world coming to when haters can't see a groundbreaking original concept like Huckapoo without wanting to make a cheap imitation to pass off as their own? I'm not even talking about EverGirls. I'm talking about Trollz, the reinvention of the Troll Dolls that you may have read about a few weeks ago in the Times.

Savvy tween watchers (tween culture watchers, I should say), have already noticed the similarities -- hell, just compare the theme song-enhanced Trollz web site with the Huckapoo one. Who the huck are they kidding, right?

But for the full story, you have to come right here to Radosh.net, because only the Internet's number one Huckapoo fan site (suck it, Harmony!) has the exclusive document I'm about to reveal. First off, you're all familiar with the hott mangapoo drawings that adorn Huckapoo merchandise and bedroom walls everywhere. But before the actual Huckapets were even cast for those drawings to be made, the Dark Prince of Huckapoo, Brian J. Lukow, commissioned an illustrator to realize the Platonic form of Huckapoo as it then existed in his head. That's right, Huckapoo were cartoons before they were made flesh. And they looked like this (click to enlarge).


I know, I know, poor Groovy! Anyway, my jaw dropped -- dropped, I tell you! -- when I saw this illustration of the new Trollz.


Coincidence? I think not.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


*sucks it* wait, what? pfft, we have the Ask Huckapoo section so, there! :P

that groovy pic is scary. i think i'm going to buy Angel a wrench, though.

mehh that's scurry yo. What is with joehh's hair?

and I don't get how those troll dolly thingies remind you of them? lmfao

>What is with joehh's hair?

That's not Joey Thunders, it's the pre-Joey punk character Cherry Bomb (hence the hair), who was rewritten because cherrybomb.com was a porn site.

im not PJ but those dolls are scary and radosh is not the best huckapoo site because harmony is because you could find audios videos tour dates look a likes articles ask huckapoo contack etc........... and they made groovy look way tooooo groovy n-e wais we should be happy that huckapoo doesnt look like that and they look so cute with the real dolls and not the dolls they thought of would you rather have that or them and the trolls part is so dumb they do not look like that and if your the number 1 huckapoo fan site (which your not!!!!!! huckaharmony is!!!!!) then why are you putting them down it's okay if brian thougt of them like that because almost all of us would think that a hippie, biker, punker, prep, and hip-hopper would look like that so i still like him cause almost everyone would think they would look like that but for you to say that they look like trolls is just plain rude i mean you said that they looked liked trolls i mean what kind of huckapoo fan would do that i dont think that you are a huckapoo fan because your trashing them i mean if i were them and i saw this site i would sew you who would say that they look like trolls do you really think that they look like trolls cause if you do then you shouldn't be saying that jordans butt is nice and you shouldn't be trashing jordan house i mean if they feel comfortable with their house like that then let them have it like that if jordans was reading your site then probably she would get mad saying that you think her house is ugly maybe you should stop saying bad things about huckapoo and try saying good things i hope this site gets torn down because your trashing other people and its not like you even know them just because you got to do an interview doesnt mean your best friends with them

Ladies and gentlemen, the last dispatch from the great Hunter S. Thompson.

i love u guys

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