February 23, 2005

Defining literary down

The New York Observer calls the Jacobs/Queenan feud a latter-day Mailer/Vidal (scroll down).

"I guess I had heard they wanted to liven things up," said Mr. Jacobs. "I suppose itís nice to be in a literary feud—I just wish it was with someone with a bit more weight. I want Mailer next."

Heís not the only one obsessed with Norman Mailer. Mr. Queenan said, "You sort of wish it was like Norman Mailer." Mr. Queenan claimed not to have read "I Am Not a Jackass," although he said that someone had alerted him by phone to its impending publication.... "Jacobs seems to have the idea that nobodyís ever written a nasty review before," said Mr. Queenan. "He should take a look at Scott Peckís reviews Ö. Have you read Scott Peck?"

Totally. That Road Less Traveled shit is brutal.

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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