February 22, 2005

Cast of Shadows: Casting Shadows


[What is Cast of Shadows? Click here for the introduction to this series]

The clock is ticking on CoS contest #5 and the winners will be announced here soon. The photo caption thing was so popular that I'll be doing at least one more in the next few days. But meanwhile, I'm gonna make the next winner do a little work. Fun work.

CONTEST #6: Cast the movie

If I know Hollywood, there's already a bidding war for the Cast of Shadows film rights. And if I further know Hollywood, they're gonna completely miscast it in order to shoehorn in big names who will then demand ridiculous rewrites to make their characters more important.

But don't you make that mistake. For the next contest, you should make wise (or funny, I guess) casting suggestions for some or all of the following characters in Cast of Shadows. These synopses were provided by author Kevin Guilfoile himself, and he'll be judging all entries, so look sharp. Entries are due by Sunday, Feb. 27 at 3pm ET. Submit entries here.

I know this seems difficult, especially since you haven't read the book, but consider this: if usual trends continue, your entry, no matter how half-assed, will have a one-in-three or one-in-four chance of winning. You've got nothing to lose, and an advance copy of an excellent novel to win.

Note: CAST OF SHADOWS takes place over twenty years. It's safe to say that not every character makes it to the end, but when considering actors or actresses to play the following roles, assume that they will have to age over the course of the movie.

Dr. Davis Moore
Fortyish when the story opens. A leading expert in the new field of reproductive cloning. Faithful. Stubborn. Conflicted. Distraught over the death of his daughter, Moore decides to clone her killer, place the child with a local family, and observe him as he grows up in the hopes of finding clues to the identity of the murderer.

Jackie Moore
Davis's wife. Also fortyish at the start. Former gymnast. History of emotional troubles, which only deepen with the death of their daughter.

Dr. Joan Burton.
Colleague of Davis's, and a mutual attraction exists between them. Beautiful, thirtyish. Strong-willed. Fiercely loyal to those close to her.

Mickey "The Gerund" Fanning
Fundamentalist Christian terrorist (and member of radical group The Hands of God) waging a one-man, cross-country war against the cloning industry. Haunted by an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate Davis.

Sally Barwick
Twenty-something. An assistant to a private detective with the hopes of becoming a licensed private eye herself, but ambivalent about some of the questionable acts she must commit in the course of her job. Clever and introspective.

Big Rob
Sally's boss. Former Chicago cop, now weighing in around 300 pounds.

Justin Finn
Boy cloned from crime scene DNA. Extremely precocious but also somewhat troubled. Will likely have to be played by multiple actors as he ages to 17 throughout the story.

Martha Finn
Justin's unsuspecting mother. Twenty-something at the open. Attractive. Very concerned about her son's odd behavior.

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