February 22, 2005

Potter's field day

small wpdr fler.jpg

If you never downloaded Wizard People, Dear Reader, the insanely funny digital remix of the first Harry Potter movie that I wrote about last year Salon, don't miss your chance to see writer Brad Neely perform it live at New York City's Anthology Film Archives next Friday, March 4, at 8 pm.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Daniel, thanks for the link. You have inspired me to try to get the downloads back up and running (via BitTorrent) on the Illegal Art Exhibit site. Those of you who aren't in NYC and who want to see the movie should check illegal-art.org in a few days or so; I should have worked out the kinks by then.

Oops. Didn't even realize the downloads were temporarily unavailable, sorry. LOVE the new Stay Free! blog, btw, and will be devoting a full post to it soon.

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