February 17, 2005

Web spoor


Not just another pretty face with a failed bubblegrunge band — a pretty face with a failed bubblegrunge band (wait, they're still around?) and a lovely folk cover of Straight Outta Compton. OK, so it's basically a novelty rather than fully functioning genre transplant like The Gourds' Gin and Juice, but it's a free download and it is a pretty interesting (intentional?) comment on how shockingly tame the original sounds now. Plus I guarantee you've never heard the phrase "niggaz with attitude" sound so wistful. [Thanks, Jon Jackson]

How was I not aware that Marc Cooper has a blog? Great stuff from the least knee-jerk leftist around.

The humans are weak. My Little Golden Book About ZOGG. [Thanks, Daniel Kahn]

Most disturbing porn image ever (vanilla category). [Via We Are Making Porn] Both links NSFW.

Law enforcement quote of the day: "He had a tremendous amount of Vaseline covering his entire body and the interior of his vehicle." [Thanks (I think), Susan Caskie]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Nina Gordon's no hack, this is dynamite! Sure, she's nearly 6 years late for that train, but she sure is pretty!!!

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