February 16, 2005

Hey, we found the guys to record the commentary track for the special edition DVD


Yahoo News: "An attorney has filed the latest in a series of civil lawsuits against twin physician brothers, accusing them of impersonating one another and sexually assaulting female patients in an obstetric-gynecology practice."

All Movie Guide: "Two twin brothers, both renowned gynecologists, descend into madness after becoming romantically involved with the same woman."

According to AMG, Dead Ringers was "loosely fact based" to begin with. Of course the fact was that David Cronenberg is a fucking freak.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


"So the subject of twin gynecologists, driven to dementia and a symbiotic murder-suicide by urges that both share but neither understands, seems a scenario only Cronenberg could dream up. In fact, the story comes from the novel Twins, by Bari Wood and Jack Geasland, which in turn was based on the case history of Drs. Cyril and Stewart Marcus, a pair of respected gynecologists who in 1975 were found dead in a Manhattan apartment."
-Richard Corliss,
A Terminal Case of Brotherly Love DEAD RINGER, TIME.

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