February 14, 2005

Cast of Shadows: Photo finish


Jason Feifer could have won Cast of Shadows contest #2 with any one of the pictures on his blog, but he sent the one above, about which he writes: "Years ago, when eBay was still a new novelty, I was kicking around and stumbled upon an item I've yet to truly understand: the disposable dress for swingers. Perhaps, in some of the grander swinging days, it was just better to throw out a dress than try washing off what the men had left behind. Either that, or this is a testament to a modern advancement in detergent."

Honestly, the dress is great, but the photo isn't anything special, so the contest was really a toss-up between this picture and the only other entry I got (keep trying, Jessica. I have a lot of copies of this book, and the way these contests are going, your odds of winning are pretty good).

Actually, I did get one fabulous picture... from (and of) Cast of Shadows author Kevin Guilfoile. Ask your publisher, man. They're giving them out left and right.


Deadline reminders: Contest 3 ends Wednesday. Contest 4 ends Thursday.

Lost? Don't be.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I really like that the dress is flame resistant. Whatever floats your boat, I guess...

Aw, man, I shoulda gone ahead and sent that picture I have called "4Daniel." If I can find a way to put it in a plain brown wrapper I will.

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