February 14, 2005

Somebody is so fired


There are so many unkind things one could say about pro cyclist Nicole Freedman's new look, which, as you can see, is "full-facial tattoo that combines the markings of several species of tropical saltwater fish." For instance, one might observe that it is hardly surprising that Nicole is "currently accepting dating proposals," assuming, of course, that said proposals are entirely hypothetical.

But I keep thinking about Nicole's sponsor. Not Ford, the one below it. Remember the enthusiastic young exec with the dynamic pitch about how this team of fresh-faced hotties was a perfect fit for the brand? He's being escorted from the building right now.

Update: In the comments, Jim asks if this is a joke. The answer, of course, is yes. I admit I didn't get it at first because 1) it was reported straight in Cycling News, 2) I'm perfectly willing to believe that pro-athletes are freaks and 3) not knowing anything about the cycling world, I didn't know that some male cyclist recently caused a fuss by getting a full-face Maori tattoo, which provides the context that explains why Freedman would make this joke.

In conclusion, do you think she's still accepting dating proposals?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


That site is a joke, right? All the other entries say very silly things.

So does anyone have a link to a photo of the guy who DID get a full-face Maori tattoo? Radosh, how do you mention that and not try to give us a picture?

Post updated with link.

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