February 11, 2005

Cast of Shadows: Our first winner provides our next contest


[What is Cast of Shadows? Click here for the introduction to this series]

Congratulations to Eric Nelson who won himself a copy of Cast of Shadows by devising this contest, in which someone else can win a copy of Cast of Shadows:

CONTEST #3: Who would you clone?

Who would you clone, and why? Before you answer, we're playing by the rules of Cast of Shadows, meaning the only leap of fantasy we're taking is that human reproductive cloning is possible (and, for our purposes, that you can get the DNA of any person (or animal, I guess) living or dead). In other words, you're still just making a baby. You can't clone an army of killers or a 20-year-old Lauren Bacall (or, for that matter, a 20-year-old Angel Sparks). What relationship will your clone have to its genetic twin? Well, that's what you'd find out.

Submit your entry here. I'll choose my favorite reply on Wednesday, Feb. 16 at 3pm ET.

If this requires too much brainpower for you, Contest #2 is still open.

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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