February 11, 2005

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Tim LaHaye, co-author of the Left Behind series, which prophesizes that the Antichrist will use the United Nations to launch a nuclear strike on America and form a one-world government thus ushering in the end times, is outraged that is publisher is putting out a new series with a different viewpoint.

The Last Disciple postulates that the events described in Revelation actually occurred during the First Century. "They are going to take the money we made for them and promote this nonsense," said LaHaye. "I donít know what science fiction he is reading."

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Posted by Daniel Radosh


To tie a couple of your posts together, Ernest Angley, author of what was possibly the first modern evangelical apocalyptic novel, Raptured, is now the owner of the Cleveland-area affiliate of the WB. In fact, he started broadcasting the network just as it was becoming the nation's number-one purveyor of short-skirted teenagers and/or occult imagery. I always thought that there was some conflict there, and spent much of season four of Buffy cursing him for cutting out all of the Willow/Tara kisses. It was only later that I learned that it was those Hollywood liberals who were afraid of such material; the faith healing preacher showed all their subsequent kisses unhesitatingly.

Huh. I read Raptured for that Playboy article linked above but I just assumed the author was long dead. Not that 1950 was that long ago, but the book felt so... old. Anyway, I'm not sure what counts as modern but I date the genre to 1913's Scarlet and Purple.

The nerve of Tyndale House to behave like a corporation and use previous earnings to make new earnings.

From the linked article-"We hope that these two differing viewpoints draw readers into a more careful reading and studying of the Bible for themselves. Tyndale believes that debate on non-essentials within the church is healthy, if it leads us to a better understanding of Godís Word.Ē

And the nerve of them not to be in lockstep with the 'correct ideology'. Apparently they didnt' get the memo that the ultimate goal is for people not to think.

LaHaye: "I donít know what science fiction he is reading."

No, we don't know. Speaking of which: What science fiction are YOU reading, Mr. LaHaye? Is says nowhere in the Bible that all Catholics will go to Hell, and yet I saw you claim precisely that on TV.

Whatever book you got that from, it wasn't the Bible. So by your own logic, you must be a devout science fiction reader... and possibly, a science fiction writer? (Or is that "horror writer"? I have no idea.)


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