January 21, 2005

Are we famous yet?


Newsday climbs on board the Huckapoo bandwagon. Highlights:

"The group is building buzz, thanks to a couple of songs on Disney music compilations and articles in national newspapers and magazines."

That's the best thing about buzz: it's easy to start, and almost completely self-fulfilling.

"Every sign in the music business seems to point to Huckapoo's failure: The boy-band craze is over, The Spice Girls are a memory, and Huckapoo's brand of bright, sugary pop (think Tiffany or Debbie Gibson) seems out of step with the current wave of hip-hop and R&B."

I could say something about Hilary Duff, but I'm busy thinking about Tiffany and Debbie Gibson. Whatever happened to them? [With perfect timing, this glorious update.]

"Mitchell Segal, the 45-year-old father of Brittney Segal of Jericho (she plays Angel Sparks, the biker girl) [is] accustomed to show biz, he says, and isn't easily fazed. 'I'm not naive to the fact that my daughter is going to be in costume and showing some skin,' he says. 'I think it's done in good taste.'"

Well, there's a difference between "not skimpy" and "good taste," but I take your meaning. Just be careful, that quote is only a few vodka martinis away from sounding like Joe Simpson.

I guess that's it for highlights. Um, there's a sidebar about Huk-A-Poo shirts (spelled wrong). Oh, and I have to mention the picture captions, in which the band is identified as "The Huckapoo's" as in: "The Huckapoo's are an all-girl band. They are: Joey Thunder, Angel Sparks, Twiggy Stardom, Groovy Tuesday, and PJ Bardot. The dog is Hookapootch." At first I thought, dag! What kind of a jerk would say something so mean about a teenage girl? But then I realized they're talking about an actual canine, about which two things: 1) Shouldn't that be "Huckapooch"? and 2) The dog's name is Rusty.

Related: Harmony has a major Huckapoo article I somehow missed! Meanwhile, Huckapoo MANIA is proving less than maniacal. C'mon, yo, get off your Hucakpoopshoot and post something already.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Ah, thank you for posting this!!!

One thing I can always count on is that whenever I need Huckapoo news - and I never realize I need it until I see it - I'm gonna get every bit of it and more here at Radosh.net. There are few certainties in this chaotic world, so thank you, Daniel, for providing such a rare and dedicated service.

Oh yeah, and:


Just found your blog, and I am enjoying it.

I love huckapoo i love PJ Bardot, and evryone else. Huckapoo rocks keep up the good work gurls!!!

Omg i love huckapoo soo much.. i went to visit them at there recording studio once with my frineds they are AMAZING.. they deserve to be famous.. and there already better than the spice girls.. i know your role model is brittnay spears but i think you can be even bigger than her.. you have so much originality and style. Pj is an amazing dancer and Groovy has a wonderful voice. Twiggy is the typical teen cheerleader which i think is really cool. Joey is so nice.. in the recording studio i remember talking to her and she's like "i saw you singing perfictly, i was so happy you knew about us." She has a really fun, down-to-earth attitude. Angel is really good at what she does and is a great person. I love all you guys.. your the best!!

Huck a poo is really good! Ypu rock! Crash the party! Come to ALMS again!

Huckapoo ROCKS!!!!!....They came to my school!!....Groovy Tuesday is friends with my sister erika delgado (im proud to say)....I LOVE ANGEL SPRAKS SHES CRAZY HOTT.....and they loved my afro too....lol im such a freak.(not really)..I love huckapoo!....HAMBURG,PA ALL THE WAY!! WOOT WOOT!!

i met them in person and hung out with them for a while and they said my name on the microphone during the concert and i went on stage with them when they visited my camp..i am in love witht hem they are awesome!! do u guys remmeber me??

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