January 17, 2005

Abstinence Achievement Awards


Blog just ain't doing it for you? Open up your wallet: I've got two newsstand-only articles out this week.

In the February Playboy you'll find an account of my looong weekend with a hotel full of professional virgins (or at any rate, virgin-enablers). See what I found when I infilitrated "Pure Country," the annual convention of abstinence-only educators in Nashville, Tennessee. You've read the Waxman report, now meet the folks who made it possible. Features a former Miss America, creepy toy fetuses, and the world's only pro-abstinence porno film. Careful readers will notice some crossover with my recent New Yorker piece on the professional Kinsey haters, who were also in attendance.

In the February Esquire you'll find the annual Dubious Achievement Awards. My own contribution was more limited this year (find the Lohanboobies joke) but I got off a couple of good lines and there's even better stuff from funny guys like Matt Haber of Low Culture and Gawker. The issue also features several pictures of Miss Scarlett Johansson like the one above, near which there seems to be some sort of writing.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I don't know. Actually buying Playboy for the articles would just be too weird. Unless someone can verify that the Fear Factor girls are really hot...

Dan, is your blog devolving into a stream of pix of your latest obsession? I think there are all sorts of other web sites devoted to that kind of thing...

I hear he prefers Daniel. And for my money, you can never have too many pictures of Scarlett Johansson.

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