January 13, 2005

Harry's got nothing on my li'l princess

It's a good thing my daughter Margalit isn't British royalty.


I think she's trying out for a slot in Prussian Blue. I've tried to tell her that they probably won't accept a Jewess, no matter how, um, Reform.

I would be a cruel father -- more cruel, I mean -- if I did not point out that on most days, Margalit does not in fact resemble the most evil man who ever lived.


Posted by Daniel Radosh


Daniel, that is one seriously wrong photo. :^)


I'm sending you the bill for repairing my laptop, after my Fresca came spraying out of my nose after seeing that picture. Well, it did help to clear my sinuses.

You heard Tron is being re-made, haven't you. Should make our costume-making friend quite happy.

That is a classic Radosh post there! Thanks for the laugh, Daniel.

She is adorable.

Will- No need to remake Tron. That flick is still represents the zenith of special effects. Is Matthew Modine going to be in it this time, too?

Daniel- She's really young enough that she'd make the perfect infiltrator.

Heh. That pic is priceless. I'm just hoping there was no assistance from daddy on it.

"Come on! Here's a Cheerio! Reach for it! Reeeeeeeach! Ah, perfect!"

Vance -- Well, um... Would it make you feel any better if I said we got the shot on the first try?

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