January 14, 2005

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• I never shoulda made that tsunami relief matching contribution pledge, 'cause I'm gonna have to fly to Indonesia and dig up some rubble with my bare hands for this: Drunken Stepfather has the Scarlett Jo-ta-tas video clip.

• In less-nude tsunami relief news, Featurewell is hosting a benefit reading in NYC next Sunday.

• Time to polish my résumé. Gawker has discovered a hott new magazine: "CO-ED is a PG-13 print version of Joe Francis' frightfully successful Girls Gone Wild video series despite the fact that—this is brilliant!—it's aimed at the wild girls as much as the guys who love to ogle them. [Its] alternatingly pervy and perky worldview splits the difference between Barely Legal and Legally Blonde."

In fact, few people remember now that Barely Legal has become a run-of-the-mill teen porn magazine that spawned 1,000 imitators, but when that publication launched, its winking conceit (now hardly even hinted at as far as I know; I let my subscription lapse) was that it was a magazine FOR teen girls. The copy played on the then-popular post-Sassy girl-power writing that was the rage, making a claim that the truly powerful chicks were the ones who, you know, liked to get naked and have sex. It was the first ironic porn magazine ever, and possibly the first genuinely funny one. Paul Lukas, who now writes Uni-Watch for ESPN.com, had a great analysis of early BL in his old Inconspicous Consumption column (though sadly the online archives don't go back that far).

Jesse nails the "everyone thought Saddam had WMD" defense. It's all good, though I would've emphasized this part more: "Not only that, but he had additional information past the cited assessments of the Clinton/Bush I/Reagan governments, et. al. The UN and the IAEA were there, telling him it was increasingly looking like Iraq was either significantly less armed, or unarmed with WMD, even as we were gearing up for war."

• You'll have to put up with some brownnosing of Powerline and other right-wing blogs, but there's no denying that Iowahawk's Inspector Dan Rather mystery is deftly executed, pretty funny, and mostly right on.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


>It was the first ironic porn magazine ever
I guess you've forgotten Sluts and Slobs.

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