January 7, 2005

Web spoor


How to make Oscar night more exciting. Best nude scenes of 2004. But shouldn't they limit it to movies people have at least heard of? [NSFW]

Magnetic ribbons for the rest of us. Now your car can say, "More patriotic than you" — literally.

A while ago I auditioned for a job that would have included editing videogame reviews, which got me thinking about why there's so little video game writing that captures the experience of gaming the way the pioneering rock 'n' roll writers captured the experience of rocking out. I'm not enough of a gamer to know what that writing would look like, but I know I haven't found it yet. Guess I wasn't the only one thinking about this. [Via Romenesko]

Not exactly what I was thinking of, but great videogame journalism nonetheless: What today's snot-nosed punks think of the games we grew up on, part 1 and part 2. [Via Eric Berlin]. Hey, those old games aren't completely worthless. [Via b0g].

Still waiting to cash in your gift card? Don't forget The Holy Tango of Literature from one of our favorite bloggers. Hmm, books by bloggers. It's a trend!

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Avery Score over at http://www.wgamer.com/ can get pretty loose with the videogame reviews, especially when he hates something.

While on the subject of old video games, Val Veggie pointed out this goofy old game "conversion" today that seems appropriate:


Now I'm thinking of mailing the Prussian Blue klan a customized magnetic ribbon that reads "G-d Bless ZOG".

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