January 3, 2005

Normally I hate puns in headlines

But give it up for video game columnist Scott Fera at The Davis (CA) Enterprise who came up with Say Halo 2 My Little Friend.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


That's. GREAT.

Columnists don't usually write their own headlines. Unless you have inside info that Scott Fera did, you may be giving the shoutout to the wrong person, just as Jay Leno routinely blames the author of a news story for a stupid headline.

Just sayin'.

Oh, and, happy 2005.

Well, I do know that of course. I was kind of hoping Scott Fera would Google himself, find this post, and let us know who the real genius is. But I shouldn't have worded it that way. After all, I'm the guy who seethes when publications credit movie quotes to the actors who say them rather than the writers.

Hey, thanks for the compliment Radosh. I guess I have to admit my own arrogance for googling myself- cat's out of the bag now!

To answer the question, I did come up with the "Say Halo" headline. Although editors are normally in charge of headlines and captions, I've got a very flexible editor who encourages me to use my own- especially if I've got a particularly good one.

Hope you liked the article. I've got another one coming out next Thursday, and every month thereafter.

Suck it, Vance!

Scott -- your paper wanted like $3 to read the article online. I liked the headline, but I didn't like it THAT much. Still, keep up the fine work, but remember with the great power of writing your own headlines comes the great responsibility of not overindulging in puns. Don't let me catch you writing "Welcome Back KOTOR".

No, YOU suck it!

Note that I carefully qualified it with "usually" and "may be," so that in case I was told to suck it, I could legitimately decline to suck it. After all, my real intent in commenting was the cheap shot of likening you to Jay Leno.

I do persist, however, in wishing you a Happy 2005.

Dammit, now I'll have to think of another title for my KOTOR review!

I don't know why they charge to read the article directly, when you can access the entire paper free of charge by going directly to the website (davisenterprise.com)

Hey, I just show up once a month to grab a stack of mail and drop of my next article.

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