December 22, 2004

Pre-vacation web spoor


Very light blogging for the next week or so, so you may want to parcel these miscelaneous links out over several days.

Oh, please let this be true. The problem with most celebrity sex tapes is that the celebrity in question (you know who you are) is almost always some ho who you'd fully expect to get caught on camera doing filthy, naughty things. Which is why I'm all atingle at the rumor that we're about to see a very energetic performance [probably NSFW] from a very well-groomed Paige Davis. The allure of the Trading Spaces cutie (and MoT) is that she exudes wholesome fun, but underneath, you always always kind of hope she's a crazed minx [also probably NSFW] who's no stranger to the old HJ/BJ combination.

Am I the only one who didn't hate Identity Crisis?

When 5-year-olds write slash fiction. Via a skeptical Heaneyland!

Brilliant folk artist and sometime Radosh.net correspondent Sam Smith has revamped his web site, in case you want to buy me a late Hanukkah gift. (Any of these would look great in M&M's room).

Less-than-brilliant artist: hack who created Bush Monkeys painting gets it blown up to billboard size, all-but confirming my earlier suspicion: those aren't monkeys, you dumbfuck. They're chimps. It's a totally different frickin' animal!

The Jewish babyslut pop conspiracy continues with 10-year-old rapper Dahv. Sorry, Lambikins and Lynxxx, we're always one step ahead of you. [Via Pieces of Flair]

Reasons to look forward to going to the movies in 2005: 1, 2, 3.

New Kids on the Blog: Muss My Hair, Glass Shallot, and (theoretically) Huckapoo Mania.

Happy Holiday, yes, "Holiday," from those Christmas-hating, anal sex fanatics at Fox News. [Via Atrios]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


You may very well be the only one over the age of 21 who has ever known the touch of a woman who didn't hate Identity Crisis, yes.

Wow, whoever's doing that Huckapoo Mania blog must really be a MANIAC for HUCKAPOO! That is some crAAAAAAAzy shit! Jesus, don't they have a LIFE?

Paige is Jewish? Awesome!

Alas, the latest update is that it's not really her in the video.

Not to get all geek on ya, but you're not the only one

"I am walking away from IDENTITY CRISIS satisfied. ... It didn't press my underwear, walk my dog, or clip my toenails. It wasn't the cure for halitosis. But I think it was a successful little mystery nestled deeply in the DCU"

"Bug" sounds like the guy who tried to convince me how brilliant The Phantom Menace was.

Sad news for you if it's true (although there's no explanation of how their conclusion was reached):


it's false !

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