December 20, 2004

With Huckapoo, my ghostly father? no; I have forgot that name, and that name's woe.


Fans of talentless yet perversely alluring, not even close to legal pop tarts, hang on to your ever-lovin' hats. Perhaps you'll recall my recent discovery of a yahoo named Badonicus (which is also, coincidentally, the Harry Potter spell for putting something bad on top of something else), who was convinced that Huckapoo is actually a Jewish plot to turn good Christian girls into "racemixing dykes and sluts" (which he apparently thinks is a bad thing).

Since I know you didn't get to the end of that post, you missed the comments section in which the po' wittle wacists actually complain about being the subject of ad hominem attacks from (presumably) Radosh.net readers (thanks, I guess, but really, why bother?). The first comment, though, is from a genuine Bigdickus fan, who writes, "You realize of course what the next step is for the Christian culture reclamation? To make a Christian Huckapoo facsimilie!"

I know what you're thinking: Don't we already have Jump5? But you have to remember that when these dudes say "Christian" they don't mean the wimpy kind of Christians who just worship Christ and try to convince everybody else to worship Christ also — they mean Christian as in, pure-blood, White Power-preaching Aryans. Oh sure, some people might find Vanilla Ninja all the Aryan they can stomach, but everyone else, meet your new sick crush: Prussian Blue.

Reasons Prussian Blue may just be even better than Huckapoo:

1. Younger! These 12-year-old vixens make Groovy Tuesday look like Cher.
2. Identical twins! In six years, hello incest-themed beer commercial!
3. Even more convincing porn star names, actually given to them by their mother! Say sieg heil to Lynx and Lamb!
4. Most importantly, of course, these adorable little moppets are HARDCORE RACISTS!


Now you're probably starting to worry — am I going to be blogging obsessively about these amazing new superstars. That's the beauty part. I don't have to, because somebody else already is. I was turned on to Crushin' Blue by the proprietors of the fabulous Prussian Blue Blog, your #1 source for all things young, identical really very similar looking, off-key, and brimming with hatred for non-whites.

There's not much yet on the official Prussian Blueballs site, but they've been interviewed in Vice and were the subject of a BBC profile by my old friend Louis Theroux. "And if you think this isnít all about sex, sex, sex, and turning our little girls into sluts, think again." Nexis turned up a print version of Louis' show (not on the Web, sorry) in which Lynxx and Lamb's mother/Svengali/pimp April Gaede makes it very clear that what her progeny's hook is: "They're going to show how being proud of your race is something that would be very appealing... Especially as they get a bit older. I mean, what red-blooded American boy isn't going to find two blonde twins, 16 years old, singing about pride in your race — Very few of them are not going to find that very appealing." Especially if they make out while doing it! C'mon, girls, don't be shy! It's for the Cause.

This brings up another reason Prussian Blue may be better than Huckapoo:

5. I'm never, ever going to feel guilty about ridiculing them mercilessly.

Update: I was trying to help out Lamb and Lynxxx by writing a theme song for them, modeled after Huckapoo World, but I didn't get any farther than an opening line for the chorus: Prussian Blue/ It's about killing Jews...

Update: The complete PB posts.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Proves racism is a learned characteristic doesn't it? Funny stuff, as always, Radosh.

Ironic though they play a instrument that came from Africa's (KISSAR), and I'm sure a Jew somewhere made a fist load of cash on those guitars. Can't the white culture make their own damn instruments?

Only 5 years, 143 days, 22 hours, 42 minutes, and 9 seconds until they can legally piss off their parents by appearing in racially mixed porn.

5 years, 143 days, 22 hours, 39 minutes, 46 seconds...

As soon as you find a website with prepubescent
girls who sing AND wear jackboots, your
psychoanalysis will be complete.

Arthur, I'm already there. From Louis' article about PB:

The house has an immaculate garden ... and the only evidence of anything unusual is a row of skinhead-style boots, two small, and one big. Had I been more observant, I might have noticed the bumper sticker on the white pick-up truck parked in front: "My boss is an Austrian painter."

"As soon as you find a website with prepubescent
girls who sing AND wear jackboots, your
psychoanalysis will be complete."

To be fair, they are probably hitting "that special stage" in their lives right about now.

Think Stephen King's "Carrie," but with twins.

Wow. This is funny at first, but then as you read more and more, eager for additional nuggets of insanity, it builds up and becomes kind of depressing. I'm torn between wanting to post it on a certain discussion-and-links site, because it is, of course, comedy gold, and wishing that you and the Prussian Blue Blogger had just ignored them, because any amount of publicity just means more racists will see it and feel pleased and self-justified.

The Louis Theroux piece was good, of course, and reminds me of the TV Nation piece he did on a certain bunch of white supremacists. The best part was where one redneck was showing off some little ceramic klan figures, extolling how high-quality they were because they were made in America (Louis' line "I guess that's quality with a capital K, right?" flies right past him), and fervently denying that the figures are sieg-heiling. "That's a right-hand salute," he says repeatedly, sourcing it to the ancient Romans, until Louis finally, gently, notes: "but... that's... its... Left hand." Whereupon the guy grabs one and looks at it as though for the first time and barks, "they're made wrong!"

As with other posters, my only consolation (other than, yes, the schadenfreude at April's thorough self-assery-making) is the knowledge that these two are gonna have a teen rebellion phase so intense as to peel the bumper-sticker off the proverbial pickup. No, wait: ...so intense as to blast the swastika off the proverbial horse.

I'm of the sunlight is the best disinfectant school. After hydrogen peroxide, of course.

"wishing that you and the Prussian Blue Blogger had just ignored them, because any amount of publicity just means more racists will see it"

Sure. I mean look how well the "just ignore them" strategy worked out for Europe.

I think "Prussian Blue" is the name of the porn channel on Vienna cable.

Sure. I mean look how well the "just ignore them" strategy worked out for Europe.

Sorry, that's a false analogy, Mr. Godwin. Hitler didn't take over Europe by storming the pop charts. Military force needs to be met with force. A pop-culture campaign, on the other hand, thrives on attention, and can't be shut down in the way a war machine can.

That said, I'm torn. I'm not condemning anyone for posting it, it's just that I think I won't want to be the vehicle that possibly results in one additional sale of "Fragment of the Future."

Pop. Politics. Sex. All in one Prussian Blue package. It must be like a Heilig Grail for you.

I can't say I'm confident these girls will ever have a teen rebellion. Kids in the Reich today are a lot more docile and obediant than they were during the old Republic. Of course if the endeavor doesn't make them any money it'll dispirit them and make them question their mother's wisdom. It'll become an embarassing childhood episode they try to distance themselves from. Therefore the best way to ensure a healthy future for these girls is to not buy any of their merchandise. Spend your money on Fan_3 instead, that bitch got mad skilz.

prussian blue..... well i'm all for it. Any messengers who bash race mixing septic have my support!!!!!

hitler did not need military force for most of europe.
he had goebbels and an antisemitic base in most of european countries.
and the us did not intervene because of the jews or the concentration camps.
learn some fine history.

I don't usually post on the internet, but for your atrocious remarks I will make an exception. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. Does it make you feel better to put other people down, or do you just have too much time on your hands? Whether or not you agree with the message of their songs, they are still VERY talented and beautiful young girls. I have watched one of their music videos and I didn't see anything even remotely sexual in it. These are children, you should be ashamed to say these things about adults. But beautiful, gifted girls, who are proud of who they are... for you to be so mean spirited towards them, and say such vile things you should be horsewhipped. I pray those girls never read what you said. And as far as their parents go...if they ever read this they just might sue you for slander...and I hope they do. You want to talk about Christians? Well what you said is, to say the least, not Christian.
Do unto others...I'm sure those girls, and their parents would never dream of saying things like that about you, much less posting them on the internet. If you sleep at night it is truely a wonder. May God help you, because you certainly need it.

omigosh, yer right! i totally said mean things about the poor wittle wacists, when all they ever wanted to do was sing pretty songs almost on key and exterminate my whole family. i'm so sorry and i'll totally stop jerking it to their pictures. tomorrow.

it's too bad you don't usually post on the internet, because you're sooo persuasive.

Radosh, Prussian Blue does not want to exterminate your whole family. They simply want to preserve theirs.

Today's Nazis are such pussies, aren't they? Say What You Want About Hitler, at least he was like, "I know, let's kill all the Jews!" Your white power types today, however, always cloak themselves in the whiny language of political correctness. "Wah! We're just trying to preserve our heritage!" Like some pathetic heathen tribe seeking handouts. Show some backbone, will ya? You people are an embarassment to the white race.


Pandagon is catching up with Radosh almost a year later:


You people are mad. There's nothign wrong with the girls expressing their whiteness.

They're doing it in film now too. Hardcore nazi porn film. Machines are the master race...or at least that's what the girls are tellin me.

I think that the message these children are sending to people is absolutely disgusting! They're only 13 and already racist. What is this world coming to?

I heard that one of the twins had a spanish/black boyfriend when she was younger and her mother got royally pissed about it, that's why she cranked up the pro-white campaign on their minds.

Rumor has it that the mother did some "experimenting" in collage too.

god i used to think like most of you, why did everyone pick on the jews? but now i seem to know why. u guys are a bunch of little fucken money hungry homos. first of all these girls never say they hate jews or blacks. they are just proud to be white. but in todays society being white is a discrace. its okay to preach about what ever the hell u want as long as it doesnt have anytihng to do with white culture. if someone mentions anything about the holocoust like it didnt happen they get thrown in jail. regardless if its right or wrong its his or her opnion, but i thought we live in a democratic society? i guess i was wrong
there. Same as jews complaining about people saying merry christmas in stores and demenading people take down christian symbols yet they just erected a nice big menorah infront of the white house. u people need to get ur head out of ur asses the shit that uve been taught has totally fucked up ur mind. god im too pissed to talk about this more.

Lynx writes:

I was racially aware ever since I was a baby. The first time Lamb and I saw a black, we were toddlers, and we called him a " Monster Guy". From then on, we called all blacks Monster Guys...of course now, they are known as *******, but then they were Monster Guys. Anyways, I was racially aware in Kindergarten, I never went near the few blacks that were in my school, I was totally superior towards all of the mexicans, I knew that I was different from them, and that I had more intelligence then they did.
My racial awareness was always strengthened by my family....and my mom joined the NA when I was 8 years old. I am 12 years old now, I became a White Nationalist when I was 8, but before that I was already racial....

-Lynx Gaede-

Lamb writes:
Almost........I think of the girls as low competition....But nevertheless competition. I just want to fight them if they cop an attitude towards me.

The males are a threat to me, I am a young female and I make an easy target for them since they are alot stronger than I am.


What is wrong with him? Did you tell him about "his" gook cheating on him with that wigger?

Lamb was talking about a Portuguese person.

PS: The forum is back. officialprussianblue.net
Make of it what you will. Distribute. Distribute. Distribute.

Wow. I don't care what color you are. It's a color. We are all the same on the inside. Mind, feelings, hope. I hope all racists will suffer the way the Jews and others did in WW2. The Nazis were cowards when it came to the end of the war. Fled did they? And I hop Purissan Blue will be tortured and kicked the f-ers! God help us.

Wow. I don't care what color you are. It's a color. We are all the same on the inside. Mind, feelings, hope. I hope all racists will suffer the way the Jews and others did in WW2. The Nazis were cowards when it came to the end of the war. Fled did they? And I hop Purissan Blue will be tortured and kicked the f-ers! God help us.

I hope too

They need to meet a nice big Black Man...That will really bring out the rebelion!

you cant hate these girls for their ignorance or racsim cuz if we hate them for that that dosnt make us any different than them also where is it our place to judge them let god worry about that soo just focus on you and what your doing. Do you hate sum1 for color religion?

"I was trying to help out Lamb and Lynxxx by writing a theme song for them, modeled after Huckapoo World, but I didn't get any farther than an opening line for the chorus: Prussian Blue/ It's about killing Jews..."

LOL. Daniel Radosh, you are officially amazing at life.

I cant believe this. you're saying that we shouldn't criticize these girls for practicing what they believe in?
Im pretty sure the whole point in being a nazi is to kill people for what they believe in. so, are you getting me here...?

Hahahaha, "lets not judge them or their beliefs". Am the only one here who isnt a total hypocrite?

Sorry for triple posting here but.

You shall burn in hell for your hatred along with
Hitler, Goeth, Himmler and all the other ignorant monsters of hummanity!
(spits) bye bye

People like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King protested because of the way Black people were being treated.
You on the other hand are nothing but happy upper-middle class brats living out the American dream!

What have you got to protest about?

Prussian blue sings about racial pride and you losers respond with the usual smutty remarks because you hate whites that refuse to bow down to the multicults.
pbblogger, you posted links to a hard core porn site on their old message board as well as photoshopped gay porn.
Good for you, you're a real credit to your cause, although you have years to go before you can claim to be an adult despite your age.
The rest of you sexists wish for them to become porn stars or get raped.
Wonderful,..just wonderful.
You are all adults and you wish every sort of sexual perversion on two little girls because you dont like what they are saying?
You are the ones who are posting the hate on their website, not them.
You are the ones who wish people to be raped,beaten, stabbed, mutilated, tortured and disgraced.
Cant you see it?
YOU are the haters, not them.
Hypocites, every one of you.

I am disgusted that 2 young girls are trying to ruin the young minds of others. It's okay to be proud of your race but should other's feel hurt in the process. Anyway didn't whites derive from Europe and indians from America, those are just historical facts. Is anyone 100% pure, if so can you prove it? This has got to be a strange joke, wont this cause a riot. I wonder what God thinks of this, I bet Satan is loving it though. EWH!!!

I actually talked to the girls via e-mail. Some things I learned:
-They are remarkably stupid, managing to misspell every other word. The concept of grammar also seems to elude them. And they call OTHER people stupid, based on race? Which ones are they, the pots or the kettles?
-They cannot argue, and it is obvious that they were inundated with shitty propaganda from the day that they were born. It almost makes you feel sorry for them. Almost.
-They actually DO hate Jews, Blacks, etc. No, they don't just want to "preserve their race," they want to eradicate all others. Really. They're Holocaust deniers, blithering idiots-- whatever.
-Mommy Dearest tells them that anyone who dislikes them is "just jealous." It's that pathetic.

And before you start yelling at me for picking on the POOR LITTLE INNOCENT KIDS, please be so kind as to shut the fuck up. I'm their age. I can mock them mercilessly, and it's OKAY, because we're even. It's creepy; we even look almost the same, except I have red hair, and they have blonde hair. And I'm a filthy Jewish commie liberal, and they're PURE-BLOODED ARYANS. Heh.

Someone earlier in the thread said something about Prussian Blue being completely non-sexual, but, uh, did you SEE their skirts in that picture? Did you read what their pim-- I mean, mom, said?
Don't delude yourselves, Prussian Blue fans. These girls are not smart, they border on sub-average looking, and they cannot sing.
I'll be stickin' to my menorah, going to temple, and latke, thankyouverymuch.
(ends rant)

Well Just like the mistake in making a new color where this name"PRUSSIAN BLUE" came from you and yours are a mistatke of nature.

"Well Just like the mistake in making a new color where this name"PRUSSIAN BLUE" came from you and yours are a mistatke of nature."

What? Can anyone decipher what this dude is saying? Maybe I'm just being a "mistatke" of nature, but it makes no sense.

ROFL.. Look at the Little sluts... I could teach em a lesson or two if i get my hands on their filthy lil bodies..

Btw , the one on the left will become a hottie when she grows up... If I dont kill her first...

So anyone who expresses any pride in their whiteness ( i.e., the cultural, intellectual, scientific,etc accomplishments of Europe) is automatically branded a "rascist". Well, I hope you liberals apply the same standards equally - so anyone who participates in any "black pride" or "chicano pride" event is likewise a scumbag rascist, right?

Hey, you can't have it both ways.

How dare you conflate "liberal" with "anti-racist" and, by demonstration and inference, "conservative" with "brainless moron"! You take that back, sir!

"Well Just like the mistake in making a new color where this name"PRUSSIAN BLUE" came from you and yours are a mistatke of nature."

What? Can anyone decipher what this dude is saying? Maybe I'm just being a "mistatke" of nature, but it makes no sense.

Posted by: Toastuh | November 10, 2006 10:37 PM

-- i think that that particular creature is trying to demonstrate that yer basic aryan is retarded but thinks they're plato.

i applaud and agree with your statements in your earlier post.

it's interesting how the bigots extolling the virtues of 'prussian dull' and other such paranoid trumpets of 'preserving the white race' (from what??? being overrun by jews? check the numbers, that ain't gonna happen. and how many blacks are there again? 4 million in a country of 130 million or something?) are the first to squeal like freshly punctured virgins. yet they want to exterminate anyone who dares to dissent by the act of birth.


all that aryanism is good for is unity amongst trailer trash.

however these girls are just that... girls. so to those of you wanting to bash or rape them you are EQUALLY contemptible if not MORE so. THEY ARE CHILDREN!!!!

i hate racists and racism (my title is ironic in case you didn't guess). after my mother became gravely ill and couldn't feed me when i was a baby i was given my first bottle by the jewish neighbour next door. on his left arm there was a small number tattooed. so don't tell me this utter SHIT about the holocaust never having happened. that's just pure P.R.

this shit is alive and well and poisoning the hearts of americans so they go to irrelevant wars and drag us australians in with you (thanks a lot jackboot johnie howard!!)

racists will always paint the worst possible scenario about race because they suffer from paranoid delusioins.

it's interesting. i suffer from manic depression with schizophrenia (and i'm a slav...oooooh hide the womenfolk... deathcamp for this cutie) and i get paranoid delusions. the way nazis talk is EXACTLY the same as i think but with different subject matter.

i wonder if there's been a correlatory study undertaken on the delusions of race and the incidence of psychotic mental illness. hmmmmm

the girls are being fed drivel by their pim... errr mother just like star kids carry the dreams of stage parents on their backs. vicarious parent syndrome.

when they grow older they may or may not reject those views but for now they can't be judged as rational minded adults. they simply are NOT so. that's why the law protects them and they need parents to look after them.

if we were like crocodiles and self sufficient straight out of the egg we wouldn't need parents or legal protection. as it is we're not fully formed until some time after puberty.

to pillory these girls is teaching them that they are right! the folk they deride really are disgusting paedophiles with violence and bigoted intolerance toward them.

i'm an atheist so i don't subscribe to the fantasy of christianity but the book's sometimes a good read. especially the bit that said "if someone is unkind to you redouble your efforts to be kind to them. for by your acts of kindness shall you heap coals upon their shoulders". in other words guilt.

the bible can be a good study of human nature and its myriad quirks and kinks.

food for thought i reckon.

let 'em screech away about their drivel.

america isn't like europe in the thirties.

germany was starving with 10,000% inflation and bruised pride from losing world war one.

america is the most prosperous nation on earth.
it has the most power already. it has no shortage of stupid people (hey, check out some of our australian dumbarses, i can hear the banjos a pluckin' jethro LOL) but they are in the minority. who was it who gave us the personal computer again?? .. err .. a multicultural society called america wasn't it??? not the aryan blah blah blah of anywhere. the internet? etc etc up the wazoo.

the nazis will never win.
zippy the pinhead would stand a better chance!!!!

yo dawg
fight the powers that be!!
gong he fuh choy
respect to the cree and the cherokee and all the other nations
tu elles mui preciosa senor/senorita

I would beat the f-cking shit out of those two girls if I ever saw them in person. Stomp their teeth out of their gums and into their miniscule brains.

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