December 17, 2004

Web spoor


I've generally resisted posting links to stuff if I have nothing of my own to add. But like anyone, I do stumble across plenty of interesting and funny items, and I usually enjoy it when other bloggers throw out links without commentary every now and then, so on days when I'm unlikely to be blogging for a while, I'm going to go ahead and post random links about pop, politics, sex and so on. Let me know if you prefer this kind of lazy blogging to silence or vice versa.

Who'd have thunk Yahoo would beat Google to video search? Via Sensible Erection which sensibly reminds you to turn off safe search for the best results.

On the theory that the only way to defeat the annoying is to out annoy them, Coudal and Draplin launch the Society for HandHeld Hushing. Pass out these violation notices (PDF) if you dare.

Todd Seavey sends word that the screen adaptation of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials is being rewritten after the studio "expressed worry about the possibility of perceived anti-religiosity." We love your idea, Mr. Lucas! Does it have to be in space? Seriously, if you can so blithely cut the central point, what about these books made you want to make a film out of them in the first place? Well, I'm sure the Narnia movies will be stripped of pro-religiosity for balance. Oh, wait. No. (Not, mind you, that I think they should be).

Weirdest porn since Sexy Trek: Girl Knights! Your Dirty Mind has free galleries. Not safe for work, obvs... Wait -- here's one safe yet exciting shot: foreplay Girl Knight style.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I personally prefer vice versa. When I see that you haven't posted anything, I rejoice at the extra time it affords me to stare at the ceiling.

I vote for lazy blogging. Everyone else does it, and if I've expended the miniscule time and energy required to click on the bookmark to your site, it's nice to be rewarded with links to other sites.

Do you really think George Lucas is the best example of someone who shouldn't be rewritten? Tee hee. But yeah, I'm not sure how you can film that last book without the whole "God stinks, whoops, we killed him by accident" thing. The first two books didn't have as much of that stuff, as I recall, but the last one. Oh boy.

Well, let's just hope Pullman's public denunciation of the project is more interesting and less self-aggrandizing than Le Guin's.

I know, right? I read that Le Guin essay and thought, That's funny, I remember enjoying the books.

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