December 14, 2004

Sooner or later we're gonna be subjected to movies of all of them


First I was going to blog this article about not-so-super superheroes, and point out that anyone who thinks The Sandman was inherently lame because "He didn't have any powers -- just a gas gun he used to put criminals to sleep with," obviously never read Sandman Mystery Theater.

Then I decided instead to blog the Fark discussion of the article, which is far geekier than anything I could come up with and includes hilarious and much more accurate nominations for the lamest superheroes ever imagined.

But what I'm really going to blog is the Farker who has been scanning and posting pages from the 1978 DC Super Dictionary, such as the "monkey" entry above. Others worth looking at:


Posted by Daniel Radosh


Those are incredible. My favorite so far might be east. I'm not sure if that is that is the most flattering angle to view Superman from.

The more I look at these, they just defy definition (ironically enough). If this was republished it would sell a million copies.

That's a welcome reference to Sandman Mystery Theater. With its Semitic, somewhat out of shape superhero who really just wants the people threatening him to go to sleep, one would have to consider the book to be autobiographical - had it been written by me. But it also had one of the great comic-book romances, it had "Murder at the World's Fair" . . . it had everything.

So, it was that picture of Robin trying to shoot a "basket," back in 1978, that started the whole "Robin is gay" thing? Because that's the gayest-lookin' basket-shootin' I've seen in a looooong time.

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