December 10, 2004

From the state that brought you Britney Spears and flashing for beads

At first I was impressed that the Louisiana Governor's Program on Abstinence Education wanted to distance itself from the fringe elements of the abstinence movement by posting my article on Judith Reisman.

Then I realized that the proprietors of the site -- an official government page, mind you -- obviously saw the article as a favorable airing of Reisman's views, and are linking to it as an endorsement of her...

Posted by Daniel Radosh



I have to tell you that the above "louisianian" is Not Me!

If you did not intend the Reisman piece as a "favorable airing of her views," then you were too subtle or ironic by far. It was only on your blog that you say that her views are "complete and utter bullshit." If I were Reisman, I'd be quite satisfied that the New Yorker re-injected her views into the chatter mainstream without rebuttal.

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