December 10, 2004

It's a Huckajew world


Oh. My. God. If you think my posts about Huckapoo are funny, you must check out the hilarity from Badonicus, a true fanatic. And I don't mean in the sense of "really, really likes the band," but more in the traditional sense of "frothing at the mouth White Power antisemite."

Tikkun Olam. Itís the Jewish term for ďhealing the world", or turning this once Christian land into a Jewish pig sty. Itís the reason the Jew canít look at something beautiful without the overpowering urge to drop his pants and take a dump all over it. And their favorite targets are our little girls, which they do their best to turn into racemixing dykes and sluts. Itís a continuous process, and the latest addition is Huckapoo.

Honestly, this blog entry is so, so beautiful that I can't resist the urge to take a dump all over it.

First of all, right off the bat, what do you mean "our" little girls, Kemosabe? Hello? Brittney Segal? And then there's the very telling title of this entry, "Huckapoon." You'd think the first thing to pop into any good KKKer's head would be "Huckajew." But the "sluts" comment, followed closely by the claim that it's "all about sex, sex, sex," and, oh yeah, Bado just can't resist posting a hott pic of PJ — well, it all makes you suspect that maybe our upstanding racist friend is lusting in his cold, shriveled heart for some pre-legal racemixing Huckaplay. Focus, Badonicus, focus! Stop pulling your uncircumcised little pud for a goddamn minute or you'll never rid the country of the bloodsuckers!

Obviously, Baddy learned about Kikeapoo from my article in Jew York Magazine. And look: I'm complicit in his fantasy. After quoting the line that "Joey Thunders began as Cherry Bomb, which turned out to be the name of an actual porn star," he writes, "Even the writer gets it. An 'actual' porn star, as opposed to a 13 year old aspiring porn star."

Let's set aside for a moment how disappointed I am not to be identified as "the Jew writer." — Is Radosh a less obvious Jewish name than Lukow, who repeatedly gets the "Jew Lukow" treatment? (And was Jewkow too clever for you? No wonder you're losing the race war!) — The funny thing is that word "actual" is only in there because of a last minute editing error. It should have been deleted when a sentence before it about how the girls' names sound like those of porn stars was cut. Obviously Joey Thunders isn't a 13-year-old aspiring porn star! She's 14.

And, yes, Fonda Cox was taken.

Yeah, itís just a coincidence that Jew Lukow is giving his teeny boppers names that porn stars just happen to like too. But never mind. Jew Lukow is well on his way to being even richer, with lots of help from Jew Eisner and his Disney hate machine.

From his mouth to Hashem's ear, right Brian?

But, really — does it matter if the band is a secret weapon to contaminate the white race and bring about Satan's realm on earth? Isn't it really about the music? Well, Buttonicus doesn't even like the music!

Listen to some of their lyrics. Parents are a drag, the only thing that matters is getting out of their house and getting out on the street with Huckapoo and shaking your ass for the boys. Because itís all about me and you, and rule #1 is ya gotta have fun.

Ah, for the good old days when pop stars sang about how well they get along with their parents, how responsibility is more important than fun, and how the best thing in life is staying at home playing Monopoly and beating niggers.

Bupkesicus also isn't crazy about Heebapoo's role models, the Spice Girls, "five women dressed as prostitutes screaming about the kind of guy theyíd prefer to have sex with." And don't forget: British! So it's a good thing he only saw the songs on the official site and didn't find out about Crazy for the Boys, in which the girls scream about the kind of guy they'd prefer to, um, hold hands with. (I've said it before, but it's worth mentioning again. This tune is just two bases shy of being The Donna's 40 Boys in 40 Nights).

"Try not to wonder if a people that allows Jews to do this to their little girls doesnít deserve terrorist attacks on its soil." Oh sure, the old "don't think of an elephant" trick! Well, it's too late. We thought about it, we've looked closely at that picture above of Joey flashing the universal sign for Jew horns, and we've deciphered the hidden messages in some of the band's songs. Here's the titles they SHOULD have used.

Crazy for the Goys
Fallen for Jew
I Should Have Said I Love Jew
Hug Me and Bris Me
Pefectly, Shmerfectly
Crash the Simcha
Wild Chanukah

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go kill Hilary Duff and use her blood to bake my matzah.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


This post confused me and I'm not sure why. Maybe because I've been up since 4 am? Who knows, I'm off to go listen to Huckapoo. Btw, I'm still waiting for the post dedicated to Harmony ;).

"Jew Eisner and his Disney hate machine" would make a great punk band name.


Please be more specific, Geekgirl. Is it insane bigots you have something against, or Joey Thunders' fashion sense?

You're right. My post was probably a bit over the top. I'm trying to be more sensitive, but I just can't seem to get the hang of it. Like, for instance, I just read that it's Holocaust Awareness Week. But I never can remember-are we supposed to turn the oven UP 10 degrees, or DOWN 10 degrees?

So, over on the racist asshole's blog, there's a comment saying that you're a pervert for using that picture of the Huckachick -- but that's the same photo that Badonicus used *himself*.

Why are you a pervert but he's not?

Oh, right, you're a Jew who's "pushing 40". Pervert.

My big problem with B.Do right now is his comment here. I mean, talk about your lame segues! "So I see you're drinking a cup of coffee this morning -- and speaking of the Holocaust..."

Though it does raise an interesting question. Do neo-Nazis have some Bizarro World opposite version of Godwin's Law? If so, I think he just lost the debate.

RR: if you think about it, non-sequiturs are the stock in trade of racist f*ckwits like big badonicus. Their "logic" - which is entirely distinct from our earth logic - operates on such improbable mental gymnastics - "Darn, I'm stupid and ugly and I have no friends, no life, and no prospects. I know, it's the fault of the Jews/blacks/mooslims . . . " I mean, that's your basic lame segue problem right there . . .

It's interesting that you are referring to "logic" Luke. Have you ever heard the term argumentum ad hominem. If not, I suggest you look it up and try again.

Well, that was funny. Or, I mean, it would be funny if it weren't so pathetic. You're *sure* this guy isn't just a troll? It's hard to imagine someone saying any of that stuff seriously.

*briefly thinks of cousins back in Ohio*

Oh wait, no it's not hard to imagine at all. Sigh.

It sounds like Badonicus prefers Prussian Blue to Huckapoo.

For what it's worth, I'm a Jew (by ethnicity) who grew up in the Jew York area and would not have recognized Radosh as a Jewish name.

I'd love to hear the background behind this photo:


Can a blue/red bandanna be *that* far behind?

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