December 9, 2004

Return of the liberal hawks

Six months after chastising itself for blind hawkishness, The New York Times is at it again. Jonathan (no relation) Miller demands accountability.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


"And if you keep asking impertinent questions, you can find yourself assigned to that tank or Humvee,"

Did he really say this? I can't find this in any news article. If he did it is very disturbing and even more so that the major news media did not report it.

Well he certainly didn't say it in the article about the hawks. Or at all. I really have to start using a different font for punchlines.

He also didn't say it in this blog post, but yesterday's. So obviously Dan's a little confused. I'm not sure he's really in Michigan.

Didn't I say that? Who's the confused one, Aqualung -- if that's really your name.

Hey, you've heard that song about me - clear thinking is not my strong suit.

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