November 30, 2004

My work here is done

In an interview today on Fresh Air, Kinsey director Bill Condon responds to a question about Kinsey's most extreme critics by reading a paragraph of my New Yorker article. "Thatís the level that youíre dealing with, the level of reality," Condon says after reading Judith Reisman's opinions on homosexuality. "Itís a little frustrating because youíre not dealing on a rational level with these people."

By the way, Reisman objected when the fact checker called to ask her, Is it correct to say you believe X and Y? "No, that's not something I believe," she said. "It's a fact."

Condon doesn't mention my name, of course, but he'd have pronounced it wrong anyway. (It's RAY-dosh, if you're wondering.)

Update: Go figure...

From: Judith Reisman
To: Daniel Radosh

Dear Daniel,
Well, you did a pretty fair job at that!
Now, if you can ever shame a mainstream television station into broadcasting the Yorkshire Television documentary of †"Secret History: Kinsey's Paedophiles," you will deserve the Nobel prize. All of England saw it in 1998.
Best, and thanks for trying.

Judith R.

Personally, I'd rather have an Abstie than a Nobel.

Just in case anyone else is confused, let me be clear. Reisman's charges against Kinsey (and those in the "documentary" she hypes) are complete and total bullshit.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


(Check your "New Yorker" link.)

"Reisman also believes that Kinsey died not from heart failure but from what she calls 'brutal, repetitive self-abuse.'"

Holy crap! I shoulda died years ago!

His Paedophile links are bullshit? Radosh, are you trying to tell me now that the Moral Majority in America are revisionists, too?

I learn something new everyday, thanks to this blog. And now I'm off to abuse myself!!



Must you destroy all my illusions?

You'll always be radish with an O to me.

Besides, what's up? Are you resting on your highly distinguished laurels? Where's a post?

Not only are the charges bullshit, spelling it "Paedophile" is TOTAL bullshit. Let's show a documentary on the durstitude of UK spelling.

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