November 30, 2004

At least he doesn't end with, "see you on the funny pages."

As someone who probably needs to be a better writer and who always looks for excuses to read comics, I was primed to read an article headlined, Super Prose: How Comics Can Make You a Better Writer.

Unfortunately, the impossibly clichéd opening sentence made it clear that this guy is in no position to teach anyone about good writing.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


The subject of the article is the one offering the advice on writing, though -- not the article's author.

As I read it, the article author is offering advice by proxy. At a minimum, assuming that he studied the subject's advice before writing his article, we can confidently say it doesn't work.

Hey, I'm gonna go check out the funny pages later. You guys wanna meet me there?

Just a small note: The correct cliche is "see you in the funny papers."

(There's nothing so small and meaningless that I can't make time to correct it.)

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