November 29, 2004

I'm not a stalker, I'm a journalist


You know Huckapoo has jumped the shark now that those notorious cultural illiterates over at New York Magazine are fawning all over them. The new issue has an article titled, Who Loves Huckapoo? Manufacturing a prefab Girl Group, one licensing deal at a time. Sure that sounds like it's going to be legitimate behind-the-scenes reporting, but it's quite transparently nothing more than some creepy aging writer's excuse to hang around with five teenage... hey, wait a second -- I wrote this!

Yep, I've shamelessly taken advantage of Adam Moss's relaunch delirium to turn my personal obsession into a 3,000 word feature.

And the first draft was twice as long. Seriously, if there's anything you want to know about Huckapoo, anything at all, just ask. The comments section is open for questions. Here, I'll get you started.

Were they aware of this blog?

Hoo, boy, were they. (Hi, girls.) I spent my first fifteen minutes with them apologizing for all of the dopey stuff I've written here. The apology was entirely heartfelt, by the way. I mean, sure, you thought my posts were funny, and I thought they were funny, and some serious Huckafans hated them, which only made them funnier. But it's one thing to crack wise about an abstract bubblegum pop band. It's quite another to realize that the band is made up of real people with real feelings -- and basically kids at that. What kind of shmuck uses his public forum to advocate shooting 13-year-old girls? If you've noticed that my latest Huckapoo jokes have been less personally directed, that's why.

Next question...

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Humph. When the New Yorker assigns you to interview Dubya, you'll come back all "George Bush is a great president and a truly warm and caring human being! No, seriously!"

Score one for the great co-opting maw of the Mainstream Media. Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio, and all that rot.

When George Bush becomes a 14-year-old girl, or Groovy Tuesday sends Americans to die by the thousands in an unjust war, you'll have made an excellent point.

And Groovy would be just the one to do it. Don't let that hippie shit fool you.

Careful, Daniel, you're going to make Groovy cry again. Hippie teens are even *more* sensitive than regular teens!

A correction--you say that "Lukow has registered trademarks." This is not the case. He has applied for the marks, but they have not yet registered. In fact, they will not register until (and unless) they are actually used.

"When George Bush becomes a 14-year-old girl": would that be "Bushapoo," or "Huckabush"?

Also: you gonna do anything with the screenplay rights for that high concept?

How hard did you have to stretch to work the Lindsay Lohan reference into the article?

Ah, a process question! I'm going to pretend it wasn't intended to be hypothetical, since I'm not getting any other queries here (what, do you people not CARE about Huckapoo or something?).

Jesse -- not very. It was either her or Backstreet Boys, who I'd already mentioned and who are not exactly Of the Moment. After that, the name-recognition factor for that list drops off. Also: boobies.

For those keeping score, the Lindsay Lohan song Ultimate (from Freaky Friday) was written by Jeff Coplan, who penned Crash the Party, Crazy for the Boys, and the indsidious Huckapoo World theme.

By the way, it occurred to me the other day that Crazy for the Boys is just two bases away from The Donna's 40 Boys in 40 Nights.

Next question...

Did you interview the Huckaparents at any length? I'm curious about why these parents passed the interview process. How were they different from the Dream Street Moms?

Awesome article. I read a bit of it and I'm gonna go and read the rest now.

Alexa -- Thanks. Take your time. You don't want to wear yourself out.

Rachel -- I only talked with Bruce Nyman and a little bit with Brittney Segal's mom (whose name escapes me now). I can tell you that Brian Lukow is in love with all the Huckaparents. At one point he suggested that the article should be titled, "The Parents are Terrific," which arguably would have been better than "Who Hearts Huckapoo?" Really, he went on and on. They trust him, they support him and the girls, they make sure everyone gets to rehearsals on time, they ask reasonable questions but don't challenge his decisions, they don't all think their kid is the star, they're not plotting and backstabbing. Basically, he thinks they're the polar opposite of the DS moms. Also, they signed yet more iron-clad contracts.

Trivia alert: Many years ago, Mitch Segal, Brittney's dad, went on a date with the woman who is now Brian's wife.

Next question...

huckapoo is amazing! whoever hasn't heard their songs should listen to them. whoever doesn't like their songs is a freak. so every non freak will like huckapoo, and you, yea you, your not a freak so i will bet that you'll absolutely LOVE huckapoo. personally my favorite song is CRAZY FOR THE BOYS. it is really cool. "we want them all the time, crazy for the boys!" please if your reading this message go to a music store this minute and buy the one and only HUCKAPOO cd. YEAH HUCKAPOO>>>MY LIFE!!!!

Um, Huckapoo doesn't actually have a CD in stores yet, but I like your enthusiasm.

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