November 20, 2004

A gesture in the direction of decency


Gina pointed out something odd about the cover of this week's Star. It features Kirstie Alley flipping off the photographer. That's not the odd part. The odd part is: The magazine has discretely covered Alley's right middle finger with a star, while leaving her left middle finger exposed. And also, her face. What gives?

The cover isn't a total disaster, however. Look over there on the left: Lohanboobies — and she's single again! The caption for that photo inside the magazine is, "Lindsay shows some stress after a night of dancing." Is that what they're calling it? Stress?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


regarding, which finger? the middle.
I recall seeing on tv somewhere (letterman, daily show, ???) the host talking about how you couldn't "flip the bird" while vertical, but horizontally, it was OK (by FCC standards). He then went on to rotate his middle finger from upright to sideways. While mostly upright, it was "blued" out, and while mostly sideways, it was clearly visible. Maybe something similar here?

You have no idea how exhausting it is to be out dancing so late so scantily clad. Combine that with my attempts to unseat Britney, Jessica/Ashlee, Mandy etc as both media darling and pop princess, and you'd be stressed too.

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