November 20, 2004



Huckafriends, those Joey-come-latey fan sites may have clips of every Huckapoo song recorded, but only Radosh.net brings you the songs from before Huckapoo got hold of them. Via the fine Tin Pan Alley establishment of Shapiro Bernstein & Co. here's singer-songwriter Jessica Harp performing thirty seconds of the Huckahit Perfectly. Jess has a pretty enough voice, I guess, but let's face it, she's no Angel Sparks.

Meanwhile, according to my calendar, it's time to deck the halls with boughs of Huckapoo. The front page of the official site features two tracks from the band's new Xmas CD. Someone has had the absolutely brilliant idea to remake 867-5309/Jenny as a Christmas song, and the, um, other idea to record Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


That girl (jessica) hurt my ears. Thanks for the hits to Harmony, btw. ;)

I think anything sounds better than Huckapoo

thanks for linking us :) just keeps us gettin hits

Why, oh why... Truly the antiChrist is upon us. Or entertainment marketing has fallen to a new low.

Thank you for the heads up. We're unplugging now.

Actually, Jess' version of the song is better - too bad it's not available in anything besides a crappy sounding 30 second clip.

that jessica chick sounds like michelle branch but suckier

Kat: This may explain why.

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