November 16, 2004

Defining dove down

I can't count how many times today I've seen Colin Powell referred to as a "dove."

Before selling his soul to the Bush administration, Powell's claim to fame was his philosophy that "force, when used, should be overwhelming and disproportionate to the force used by the enemy; there must be strong support for the campaign by the general public; and there must be a clear exit strategy from the conflict in which the military is engaged."

Fucking hippie.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


communist bastard!

btw, what is it with reporters making animal references? Bush, Rice, and Rumsfield are hawks. Powell and Kerry are the doves. Why not cool names, like Bush and Rice "War Lords" and Powell and Kerry something like "Smurfs"? (Just a thought)

Hawks and doves are traditional distinctions used in journalism. Coming up with new (and more accurate) references to describe political views would put reporters outside the storyline established by other (lazy) journalists, and is therefore a job that must be left to bloggers.

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