November 15, 2004

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Where's the pr0n already?


It's not about the dirty pictures. The funny thing about sex is that it's such a huge part of our popular culture, but it rarely gets written about/blogged/discussed the way movies or music do because people either 1) don't want to acknowledge it at all or 2) can't talk about it without quickly getting too horny to make sense and/or be funny. This is a shame.

When I redesigned this site a while back, I gave it the tagline "Pop. Politics. Sex. So on." and added to my blogroll a handful of sex blogs. I suspect a lot of people never click on them, thinking they're just pornography (or, conversely, click on them thinking they're just pornography and ending up disappointed).

The funny thing is that some of these blogs are now linking back to me -- which is fine and appropriate enough. But because these blogs link to a lot of purely porn blogs too, somehow the people who run the porn blogs have gotten the impression that they should also be linking to me and I to them* (the latest is the cam girls site from which I've snagged the blurry image above.) While I'm thrilled to have the traffic, I can't imagine how pissed off people are when they come here and find all this crap about cereal, George Bush and Huckapoo.

So what is my criteria for blogrolling sex blogs?

It's not, I repeat, about the dirty pictures. You certainly don't need me to help you find pornography on the Internet. In fact, many of the sites I link have nothing to do with porn. Amorous Propensities, Asian Sex Gazette, Daze Reader, Pervscan, Sexblo.gs, Sexy Pop Culture (which I just noticed hasn't updated in a month), and Sxxxy.org cover news and cultural items concerning sex in general and rarely if ever even link to anything not work safe.

Others do some of that, but also mix in links to or (more interesting) about pornography: Flaunting It, Not Work Safe, and NSFW News for example. Alternately, there's Sensible Erection which is a general interest group blog in the MeFi vein, except it happens to have a lot of smut too.

And then there are the sites that do in fact exist to link more or less exclusively to pornography, but that have a certain something that to my mind helps them transcend the porn blog genre, whether it's smart writing, a sense of humor, or an eye for the quirky or what have you. Fleshbot or course, and also Ticklefight and Otty Hotties. I've already removed a few sites in this category that I had to concede were pretty much standard porn fare even though I appreciated the service they provided in that respect. Every time I think about dropping Your Dirty Mind for the same reason, they go and find something like Sexy Trek and earn themselves a reprieve.

The other thing I can't bring myself to get interested in at all is anyone's personal sex journal, not even the many call girls (though the guy who is extremely proud of his career as a john has an admittedly interesting angle). True, Eros Blog often strays into this territory, but I still consider its beat to be thoughts about sex rather than episodes of sex.

I'll shut up now, as I imagine pretty much everyone has stopped reading at this point out of either lack of interest or too much interest in one of those other sites. Especially Sexy Trek.

*Most amateur porn sites (run by amateurs, that is) survive on link exchanges, so I guess it's not unreasonable for people to assume that if I'm on somebody's link list it means I'm open to trading. I usually find out I've been added to someone's site because they ask for reciprication. I don't do that, though, since it's not like I'm making any money here anyway. Also, integrity and all that.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


In that vein, may I recommend Sexy Losers?

Hi --

Thanks for the mention. Though I don't think I'm "proud of my career;" it's just the path I took. Of course, just because I don't think the pride is there doesn't mean that it isn't; in fact, if the writing is any good at all there will be a lot more in it than I intended to put there.

John Psmyth

You know that Radosh has perhaps the greatest moment in C-Span television history when he uttered the words, "Lindsey Lohan's boobs". That fact alone should have you linked on every sex blog on the web.

And really, could anyone actually get pissed over finding info about Huckapoop? I mean Huckapoo.

Thanks for the links to Amorous Props. and Sexy Pop Culture. The short answer about Sexy Pop Culture. It is one of the weblogs I've been forced to let drift a bit while I cope with finding my lover of four years has become a crack addict. (Sob, choke as they used to say in the old Superman comics.) Even let my personal weblog go silent for a bit. But I'll be back on the prowl for more silly and repulsive doings of the famous.

Best regards,

So what ARE my criteria for blogrolling sex blogs?

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