November 13, 2004

You Can Call Me Allah


Since the second most important thing a blogger can do is promote his friends (the first being promoting himself, of course (and the third being promoting Huckapoo)), I've been waiting for the right moment to let everyone know that my good pal and upstairs neighbor Francis Heaney is finally publishing a bound volume of his masterful Holy Tango of Poetry, which answers the age-old question, What if poets wrote poems whose titles were anagrams of their names?

Some of you will remember the Holy Tango from Modern Humorist. Apparently someone is still paying for the MH domain name, so you can whet your appetite for the book here.

It's still a few months away from stores, but I bring it up now because Francis has just posted the first installment of what will be a Web tie-in to the book, the Holy Tango of Songs. Go download the MP3 of Up on Islam by Paul Simon.

Now I know what all that musical racket upstairs has been while I was trying to listen to Margalit and Milo screaming.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


It is actually much closer to being in stores than a few months! The publisher just received copies from the printer. I don't know exactly what that means vis-a-vis the book schedule, but probably it will be actually purchasable before the end of November. Very exciting. Now if my copies would just get here...

And yet, no word on the new issue of Stay Free!

Let me take up this room on Daniel's site to say, congrats, Francis! The Holy Tango was always one of my favorite parts of Modern Humorist. Well, that and the stamps.

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