November 11, 2004

It's official: Radosh.net no longer most Huckapoo-obsessed site on web

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You know how it is when you discover an awesome underground band and then they go and sell out and all of a sudden everyone is a fan, and you're like, Well they suck now, but I was into them before anyone? Well, that's exactly what's happening with Huckapoo, which now has at least two fulltime fan sites.

The vibe at Harmony is well captured by this comment in the guestbook: "How do you know so much about them already? I actually know Brittany and I think it is kind of creepy that you know all of that about her." Friend, you have no idea what creepy is.

The attraction at Huckapoo Online (a missed opportunity to coin "Huckapoonline," if ever there was one) is the Playground, where fans can vote for their favorite band members, songs, outfits, and voices. Strangely, there are no votes for that last category, but the favorite member seems to be PJ, and the favorite song is Hug Me and Kiss Me, which is just insane since everyone knows Supernatural is the hottest song ever recorded.

There's also a Yahoo group but I haven't joined. What do you think I am, a freak?

Meanwhile, an unaffiliated fan files this report from the Oct. 8 Huckaconcert at Town Hall. (From which we get the photo above, wherein Joey, PJ, and Angel do their impersonation of the subservient chicken.) Who goes to a Huckapoo concert you ask? According to Lisa, "we were surrounded by "Huckafamily" lmbo. Next to us was Groovy Tuesday's parents, in front of us was PJ Bardot's brother, and behind us was Angel Spark's mom and sister!"

I hope Mr. and Mrs. Tuesday enjoyed the show.

Posted by Daniel Radosh



I think "Huckashow" scans better. It also plays nicely on the "peekaboo"/Huckapoo motif.

Make up your mind. I saw the Huckapoo concert with my camp friends. They came to my camp last summer. The concert was GREAT and so are they. What's your problem; get a life!

I think Daniel and Susan R. both make some good points.

Ahh but wouldn't you just love to know how we get our info?

By the way, there's another yahoo group to join ;)

If you hate huckapoo.. why do you continue to write about them? Why don't you write about someone you like..?

Right on Francis!

I'm guessing Susan and Kate have little experience with discovering undergound bands that then go mainstream. Under indie-music code 347.2, early adopters are obliged to say they now think the band sucks, compared with its pure early stage, but this by no means constitutes actual hatred. Quite the contrary, it signals a love that is more genuine than that expressed by newbies who never even heard of the band until they were on MTV (or, in this case, had fansites).

> Radosh.net no longer most Huckapoo-obsessed site on web

Ah, well. Chin up, Daniel, you did your best.

Huckapoo sold out, man.

actually i AM very familar with underground bands before they go mainstream. most music i listen to IS not heard of or have fan sites.

And what's the problem with people becoming fans of *insert singer/band's name here* on fan pages? It gets the word out.. it's all about promotion. It reminds me of how underground artists and bands LOVE file sharing programs.. because it gets the word out. But then when they become popular.. they all HATE it because it's "hurting out business".

hey, dude, you forgot a link or two:

How much do I love the Joey Thunders fansite! I'd affiliate, but I think my blog has too many fucking cuss words.

Yes,Mr.Radosh-Mr.& Mrs.Tuesday enjoyed the show,as well as Brother Wednesday & Sister Thursday-We are all very proud of our "Tuesday". Did you enjoy the show?-so sorry we didn't have a chance to meet.
Take care,Mr.Radosh

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