October 30, 2004

Perhaps he wants you to vote for vice presidential candidate Gephardt


That's the front page of today's New York Post: Osama "urges Bush defeat."

There is, of course, nothing in the article to justify that headline, because it is -- what's the word? -- a lie.

The Post editorial team is entitled to its opinion that "bin Laden might as well have endorsed John Kerry," but, since he didn't, it's not permitted (by whatever remaining rules of journalism exist) to state it as a fact on the front page. Meanwhile, opposite the editorial, John Podhoretz wants "to caution my friends on the Right about claiming that the Osama tape is somehow an endorsement of John Kerry." Hey, Pod, don't you have Col Allan's phone number? He obviously didn't get your message in time.

Meanwhile, it's pretty crazy how low the standards have fallen for an October Surprise. Bush was supposed to have dragged Osama kicking and screaming from his cave right before the election. Now his people are calling it "a gift" that he's still out there rattling his saber? Thanks, but it's not my size. Any chance you saved the receipt?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Didn't Osama also not threaten another 9/11?

He said, "the reasons are still there to repeat what happened." You have to allow a tabloid a little room to sensationalize.

Also, I'm almost positive that not once in his entire speech did Osama use the phrase "Trick or Treat."

If you think about it, Osama wanting Kerry to win is a logical thought. Who would he be more afraid of? A strongarmed motivated texan, or a bostonian that won't even shoot a pheasant when he goes hunting? I love how everyone takes every article that seems to support Bush in the smallest of ways and labels it as propoganda passed down from the oval office. I mean what is that a grocery store tabloid? If thats where you get your news you have bigger problems than worrying about propoganda. Other than that Bush has been successful on most of his promises. He has eliminated large cells and terrorists in the middle east. He just has to find a needle in a cultural haystack without the help of a metal detector. Those countries have no cell phones to tap so it's gonna be more difficult to locate OSama. Be patient.

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