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October 29, 2004

Osama drama

Isn't it funny that all anyone's talking about is how this is going to affect the election? Aren't we scared that it means something important -- like another attack is coming? What? We're not? Then why should this affect the election at all? People are treating this like it's Fahrenheit 9/11 or the Mosh. Will it help Bush? Will it hurt him? The very fact that Osama bin Laden can reappear and not even remotely shake us out of our obsessive poll watching indicates that the reappearance is too insignificant to affect the polls at all.

The only plausible argument I've heard to the contrary is Josh Marshall's that any event that changes the conversation helps Bush because he couldn't possibly have taken four more days of that.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Of what?

Of everything he's been taking for the last 4 days.

Oh. Yeah, brutal.

Well, I think Osama's just a hater, but after Em's "wack-ass" appearance on SNL, it's tought to pick a winner.

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