October 27, 2004

"Cuaght on video" indeed


Tim Carvell, recalling that I recently posted a doctored photo of Bush flipping the bird, points me to this apparently legit video of the same unpresidential gesture (or, in this case, ungubernatorial).

It's a cheap trick (but an effective one!) to drive traffic to a site urging people to videotape acts of illegal voter suppression on election day. I guess that can't hurt, but my guess is that most suppression is going to be of the crypto-legal variety — much harder to catch on tape.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


If he wins or loses, the liberals can look at that picture and rest assured that Bush is doing that "one fingered salute" somewhere. However, it'll be with a big (perhaps evil)laugh if he pulls it off this week. And believe me, if he wins the NY Times and CBS will get that as a standard response to every question they ask the Bush administration, maybe with helpful directions such as, "put this in your butt". (haha)

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