October 26, 2004

Finally, a sex slave story we can all feel good about


They say you never forget your first geek crush. In the years since my childhood obsession with Star Trek I've moved on to newer and geekier things. But, oh, did my heart skip a beat when I read that the Orion Slave Girls are returning to television for three episodes of Enterprise, starting this week. I mean, they're half-naked, and they're green -- if only every woman could be one!

Yeah, who even knew Enterprise was still on the air? If this is a desperate bid for survival, give me more.

Marginally less exciting, Brent Spiner guest-stars as the great-grandfather of Data's creator. Guess that movie career's not working out the way he hoped.

[via Fark]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Early money is that the great-grandfather of Data's creator is wooden and lifeless, sort of like an andriod.

Careful, you've unwittingly manufactured a cover story for the NYT Magazine on Sunday.

So at some point in the intervening 100 years, silicone implant technology on Orion was lost.

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