October 22, 2004

Also, wolves totally get a bad rap

Believe it or not, there's something even more ridiculous than the wolves ad coming out of the Bush campaign today. Recently, you may recall, Bush & co. have been insisting that they never linked Iraq to 9/11 -- where could anyone have gotten that idea? Well, you can hardly expect them to admit that they once said something so obviously false. But what really takes chutzpah is continuing to say it. Here's Bush today: "I would tell them the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the war against those who caused the deaths on 9/11 is necessary."

[via atrios]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Speaking of wolves, I think most folks are missing the implicit content of the ad: it's not really a "scare ad" to sway swing voters and "security moms," it's an anti-environmentalist ad to solidify support among the base in the Southwest and Upper Midwest who already lean toward Bush on security/terror issues.

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