October 21, 2004

Setting the bar low

Today in the New York Times, Alessandra Stanley implies that Stolen Honor shouldn't really be a concern as far as the presidential campaign goes because it "does not do much more damage to Senator John Kerry's reputation than have the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth's negative ads, which have flooded television markets in almost every swing state."

So the film only does a little more damage than the most damaging and specious ad campaign Kerry faced during the entire race. That's non-partisan enough for me, FCC!

And speaking of the Swifties, Jim Hanas has the evidence that the makers of Stolen Honor never considered it anything but propaganda, regardless of what Sinclair said. From a Stolen Honor press release:

John Kerry has reason to be afraid that you and millions of Americans will see Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal. In fact, this video documentary includes many of the same Vietnam veterans and POWs who have appeared in the Swift Boat commercials — commercials that have rocked the Kerry campaign and caused his first major decline in the polls.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


A little more? In a close race that's important, if that is her opinion. I understand why Dems are so angry, but I think Americans see these movies for what they are - propaganda.

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