October 21, 2004

Thank god it's not Bloomberg

My colleague Carly, a resident of Jersey City, has been puzzling over who to vote for in her local mayoral election. The guy who didn't really want to run but was told to by God? The guy who believes he'll be a good financial manager because he clips coupons and sends in rebates as a hobby? The supermarket clerk who says Ronald Reagan personally urged him to run? Or the frontrunner, whose naked pictures are all over the internets.

"Mr. Healy said that photographs showing him naked were as result of a night out drinking 6-8 beers over a 3 hour period -- though he is still scratching his head and wondering how his ended up on the porch. 'I wish I recall how I got out there,' he said, 'but I don't.'"

Posted by Daniel Radosh


talk about transparency.

Tell Carly your sex blogger friend thinks she should vote for Healy. We like these nude pictures on the internet, many of them are done after several beers, too, so his excuse fits.

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