October 19, 2004

Because that worked out so well last time, asshole

"Warren Christopher, the former secretary of state who oversaw Vice President Al Gore's legal challenges in 2000, said that the actions of the Supreme Court and some Florida officials that year had, at least temporarily, tarnished the American way of choosing leaders. A second tainted election, followed by more bare-knuckled partisan conflict, Christopher said, would be far more damaging. He urged both parties to cool their rhetoric and put the nation's interest ahead of partisan advantage. 'For the political parties, 2004 could be one time when winning isn't everything,' he said."

Memo to John Kerry: Don't hire Warren Christopher. Bush sure isn't going to.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


That is seriously a perfect example of why we keep getting our asses kicked politically.

Right on! Christopher was a milquetoast disaster in Florida. Things picked up when Mayor Daley II arrived -- though it was too late (and too little). Never again. W-h-a-t-e-v-e-r it takes. Period.

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