October 11, 2004

Have yourself a Hucka little Christmas

Good news, my goyishe friends. This year you can celebrate the birth of Jesus... Huckapoo style! According to the inexplicably questionmark-ridden Aaron Carter News Blog, the Radio Disney Jingle Jams CD features a track from our favorite girl group titled Wild Christmas.

Sadly, Britttney "Angel Sparks" Segal was apparently not able to convince the band to also record Meshugeh Hanukah.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Hark! The zaftig Angel Sparks...

Zaftig? We've obviously been looking at different photos.

Mea culpa! I didn't see the pix- and though "juicy" may be in the eye of the beholder, I guess it doesn't fit her. *You* try finding a yiddish word to fit the meter of that song!


Shanda? Only until she's of age... and that's about it for this goy's yiddish.

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