October 9, 2004

And still I blog

I missed a chance to blog the veep debate, which is OK since enough people said the same thing I would have: Immediately after the debate I called it a tie (well, between the candidates that is. Ifell lost big time), once all Cheney's lies started coming out, I gave the edge to Edwards.

I was going to skip this one too, since again, everyone else is on top of it. As soon as Bush dropped his "need wood?" line, I thought, if he actually does own shares in a timber company, he's toast (and, as you know by now, he does). The killer factor there is not so much that he didn't know this and sounded like an ass (though that's part of it) but that it will give people an excuse to explore the import of that, which Kerry raised, but did not do a great job of explaining: that Bush and Cheney lie when they say Kerry will raise taxes on 900,000 small businesses.

But as I said, you don't need me pointing that out, it's everywhere. One thing I've only seen on one blog is this: "There was just a question about how there have been no further terrorist attacks since September 11. But what about the anthrax attacks of fall 2001? Have we forgotten all about them?" Um, I had. I wonder if the media truth squadders are going to fact check the questioners as well as the candidates (I mean, in addition to the candidates; they don't fact check anyone particularly well).

Bottom line: I think the only reason some people are calling this a tie is because Bush didn't melt down the way he did last week (though when he snapped at Charlie G, I thought he might). But if this had been the first debate, it would have been called a decisive victory for John Kerry, and so it was. Remember, Bush didn't only lose the first debate with his bizarre behavior, Kerry won it by counteracting a year's worth of GOP ads and spin with one solid performance. He gave that same performance tonight.

I do wish Kerry had at least said that that National Journal "most liberal" "award" had been debunked. He didn't need to explain how or why, just get it on the record for the sake of post-debate spin.

GWB money quote: "The truth of that matter is, if you listen carefully, Saddam would still be in power if he were the president of the United States, and the world would be a lot better off." Amen to that.

If you missed the debate, Wonkette captures the minute-by-minute pretty well. And no random references to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, followed by slightly deranged giggling.

PS: Sorry Atrios, Kos, et al, but nothing, but nothing, will convince me that voting in online polls makes a jot of difference, no matter how many internets there are.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I tuned in 30 seconds before bush goes "need some wood"? and im like what the hell is this !!!

on a lighter note, check out collegeiseasy.net

there is a funny video about college kids who are addicted to using google


John Kerry clearly won the debate and I was very happy with his performance last night. Since September 11th, George Bush has used the politics of fear to drum up support for his horrible policies and to stifle opponents. George Bush has weakened America and made the world more dangerous.
If George Bush is re-elected eighteen months from now he'll be hemming and hawing over how much it pains him to reinstate the draft.
Make no mistake George Bush will have no misgivings whatsoever sending your sons to war when manpower shortages call for it
George Bush will do it because he will have nothing to lose.

I like ham.

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